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Next Level Web 3 Solutions

Join the growing number of brands and individuals building web 3 community and commerce in the metaverse and beyond

Level Up Your Brand

Next Level Wear is the solution for your web 3 and digital presence needs. 


We are ethical in our approach and we have experience with bridging commerce and community in this new digital landscape.


Bring your brand to life in the metaverse, establish your digital presence, and build your community in Web 3.

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Learn To Build Web 3

Next Level Wear has helped countless designers learn how to leverage their skills and establish a name for themselves in this space. Absorb knowledge and gain exposure. Past students have gained business directly from us or even become teachers with us.

Becoming a member to gain exposure to different art techniques, learn use cases for your creations, and identify what is possible for you as your talent develops. Membership comes with access to group Design Sessions, discounted one on one sessions, and private special events.

Get To Know Us

We create immersive user experiences, boost community engagement & retention  leveraging art and web 3 technology to strengthen your brand presence, visibility, reach, and sales potential.

Meta Vybz

Nextlevelwear was the first clothing brand I saw in the metaverse .  I learned about owning your digital identity and how the wearables are also assets . Very cool balance between work and play .
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